What is mediation ?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution means. It is a process to which parties in dispute can have recourse and which consists in calling for a mediator (an independent and impartial specialist) to help them find a solution to their dispute.


10 pro’s of mediation

  1. Voluntary process
  2. Completely confidential
  3. Solution built by parties : no frustration, voluntary execution
  4. Enables parties to reestablish their links and dialogue
  5. Focus on actual interests of parties and a balanced solution
  6. Quantifiable cost and/or sometimes covered by legal protection insurance companies (Ethias, LAR,…).
  7. Best option when parties must still “live together” : separation of a couple with kids, neighbourhood troubles, successions, sale of shares, customer-provided relationship,…
  8. Each party can put an end to the mediation process at all times if it considers that it would benefit more from judicial proceedings.
  9. Often faster than judicial proceedings absent deadlines for the writing of submissions, pleading hearings and appeal procedures.
  10. Area of law governed by an Act of 2005 included into the Judicial Code.

Why choosing a mediator lawyer ?

Lawyers know about conflicts, that are their daily routine. Lawyers do not fear judicial proceedings, they know about their advantages and their limits.

Lawyers have learned, through their job, how to listen, and how to build and write texts that are legally consistent.

The mediation protocol concluded between a mediator lawyer and the parties can be homologated into Courts and enforced without any difficulty.

Moreover, mediator lawyers are bound by two sets of deontological rules : one in their capacity of lawyers (edicted by their local and regional order) and another in their capacity of mediators (edicted by the federal mediation commission).

Lawyers being specialists in managing disputes, they efficiently endorse the role either of mediator, who guarantees the legal and ethical certainty of the mediation process, or of parties’ counsels, in such process.

To become a mediator, lawyers must have at least five years of professional experience, have followed an appropriate training and be certified by the federal mediation commission.


The Liege Bar Mediation Centre

Since January 2017, the Mediation Centre has put into place a secretariat that is responsible for dealing with all requests, be it sent by phone, mail or e-mail, for the appointing of a mediator.

For each request, the secretariat appoints an experienced mediator-lawyer. The appointed mediator-lawyer responds to the needs of the parties who wish to have recourse to the services of a mediator or who simply seek to obtain some information with regard to the mediation process.

This guarantees a quick, free and qualitative answer to all questions regarding mediation. Do not hesitate to try such service…

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