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Contracts templates drafted by lawyers

The Liège’s Bar is aware that more and more "contracts templates" are available on the internet and used for convenience or to save money, regardless of serious issues :

  • Who wrote them?
  • Are they legally relevant?
  • Are they suitable for my situation?

This is a mistake which may cause serious detriment.

The Liège’s Bar offers to answer these three questions through a dual approach.

You will find here various free templates, written by competent lawyers in the matter. This will allow you to address the first two issues since these models have been written by qualified lawyers and meet the requirements of Belgian law.

The difficulty of tailoring these templates remains full at this point : a perfect contract must take into account the specificities of each specific situation.

So our contracts implement different suggestions intended to fit a specific situation. Moreover, a link is offered on several occasions to allow you to consult (possibly online) a lawyer dealing with the matter. So you can benefit from his (or her) legal knowledge as well as his (or her) experience litigating in the field.


  • Lease Agreement of principal residence for a house located in the Walloon Region
  • Lease Agreement of principal residence for an apartment located in the Walloon Region
  • Lease Agreement for an kot
  • Lease Agreement for a garage
  • Commercial Lease Agreement

Employment contract

  • Limited duration employment contract
  • Indefinite duration employment contract
  • Employment contract for clearly defined work

Collaborative law


  • Mediation clause
  • Arbitration clause


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These templates are intended for general information only. They do not constitute professional advice (legal or otherwise) and should not be used as such. The Liège-Huy’s Bar cannot be held responsible for actions or decisions based upon the documents available on this site.