His other assets

Permanent formation and specialisation

Permanent formation :

Your lawyer is a legal professional. Whether he works alone or in an association, whether he is a generalist or specialised, your lawyer is bound to regularly attend formations in order to maintain and reinforce his competences  (see articles 11 to 14 Codex).

In that perspective, the Liege-Huy Bar has built strong synergies with the Law Faculty of the University of Liege. The Bar and the University, within the Commission Université Palais (CUP), organise well-renowned conference cycles in Liege, Louvain-la-Neuve, Charleroi and online.

For more information, see :  http://local.droit.ulg.ac.be/sa/cup/

Favourite fields of law and specialisation :

Lawyers may advertise the fields they prefer dealing with and in which they thus have acquired greater competence  (see articles 4.60 to 4.62 Code of Ethics Avocats.be and 15 Codex).

They may also have their capacity of specialist validated by the Bar on presentation of a complete file demonstrating such specialisation. A lawyer can only be registered for a maximum of two specialties. Only the Bar is entitled to bestow, upon a lawyer, the title of a specialist in a field of law  (see articles 4.63 to 4.70 Code of Ethics Avocats.be and 107 Codex).


Formal notice served by your lawyer and the “lawyer's deed”

Having a formal notice served by your lawyer can interrupt the limitation period for one year. Doing so avoids the initiation of legal proceedings for the sole purpose of interrupting the limitation period and provides the parties with additional time to pursue negotiations.


The lawyer's deed

A lawyer’s deed is a private deed countersigned by the lawyers of the parties.

Through his signature, the lawyer takes professional responsibility for and acknowledges his duty to enlighten the advised parties about the legal consequences of such deed.

The lawyer guarantees the identity of the signatories. Moreover, he confirms - subject to the interpretation of the deed - that the parties have reached an agreement on the deed's content, thus turning it into an indisputable legal document.


Consulting your lawyer online

The legal profession is transforming. Lawyers are thinking about its future and how to offer an even more qualitative service to the citizens.

This is why many lawyers are granting you the possibility of consulting them online.

In that way, you have the opportunity to ask legal questions or even seek legal advice upon a (draft) contract, online, without having to move from your place.

Your lawyer at the heart of europe and of the world

The Liege Province is ideally situated at the intersection of road, river and air routes, and as such links up to no less than four European states.

Building on this long-term business and cultural interlinkage, the lawyers from our Bar naturally support and assist their clients in their regional, inter-regional and international relationships, especially in the context of the MEUSE–RHINE EUREGION, and regardless of the language used.

The Liege-Huy Bar has set up twinning agreements with the Bars of GhentBordeauxLyonParisKinshasa/Gombe, Rwanda and Cologne.

Moreover, the Bar, alongside a number of lawyers, is a member of international organisations such as the International Association of LawyersConférence Internationale des Barreaux de tradition juridique communeEuropean Bars Federation, Avocats Sans Frontières, World Coalition against the death penalty and, through AVOCATS.BE, the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE).

Professional insurances

In the unlikely event of a fault or an error, your lawyer's professional liability is covered by a civil liability insurance policy. This covers any damage caused in the exercise of his profession, either personally or through his employees or trainees.

Active and accessible bar

The Bar holds many formative or scientific events for its members or the public at large.